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WOSU Public Media has surpassed its ambitious $12 million goal to support its new headquarters as part of the 15+HIGH project. The new five-floor building, located just across the street from The Ohio State University campus, will include radio and television studios and community spaces for events. Read More

Give Now

You can still join the capital campaign as we have several prime naming opportunities available within the new WOSU headquarters.

Virtual Tour

Take a 360 degree tour of the new WOSU headquarters. Experience the construction from all angles in this video tour with WOSU General manager Tom Rieland and Adam Hoh of Messer Construction.

Watch Us Build!

Construction crane at the new WOSU headquarters

Follow along as the new WOSU Public Media Headquarters is built with a live feed from the construction site.

The Time Is Now

For a century, WOSU Public Media has engaged, informed and inspired central Ohio. We distinguish ourselves with our commitment to collaboration, engagement and local programming.

While we are proud of the content and experiences we produce, we are constrained by our current facilities. To continue to have a vital community impact, WOSU must be accessible and visible. To remedy this situation, WOSU plans to build a new headquarters at 14th Avenue and Pearl, as part of the 15+High Project.

Stay Up To Date

As part of The Ohio State University’s 15+High Project developed by CampusPartners, it will be more than just a structure — it will be a vital touch-point between WOSU and our community. To learn more, sign up for our campaign e-newsletter or email us at